Finding a Long-Term Disability Lawyer in Toronto

Finding a Long-Term Disability Lawyer in Toronto

Long-term Disability Lawyers in Toronto


Disability claims are complex: they require a lot of exacting paperwork and reams of support material from medical professionals that must be submitted according to a strict schedule. Long-term disability claims are some of the most expensive claims for insurance companies, so it’s only to be expected that they look to deny them whenever possible. Although exact numbers aren’t available, it’s not uncommon for these types of claims to be denied. You’ll want to make sure that you have everything in order for your initial submission, and a long-term disability lawyer in Toronto can help to guide you through that process. A lawyer can also provide emotional support for your family during a difficult time as you fight for what you deserve.

What to Know When Claiming Long-Term Disability


There are a number of reasons why these types of claims are denied by insurance companies. Here are just a few of them:

  • Lies on the application form. If you fudged the truth in any way on the application form, rest assured that your insurance company will try to trip you up with that lie now. Because non-smokers pay premiums of about half of what smokers pay, for instance, you may have claimed you didn’t smoke. If your medical history or social media posts contradict that information, the company has grounds for denial.
  • Policy exclusions. Some policies exclude certain illnesses, such as those caused by alcoholism or drug use, on the grounds that the policy-holder is responsible. Others exclude early-stage cancers or dementia.
  • Insufficient submission. Incorrectly completed forms, missing medical information, inexact descriptions or lack of evidence regarding how your disability affects you can deny your claim. Also, information not submitted within the time limits as outlined in policy will affect your submission.
  • Disability does not fit the definition. This is by far the most common reason why claims are denied. Insurers often state that there is a lack of objective medical evidence to support that the claimant is unable to work. However, there are many illnesses that cannot be confirmed through testing, such as chronic pain, fibromyalgia, and depression.

Working with an experienced LTD lawyer can help to increase the chances of your claim being approved. If, however, your claim is denied initially, a lawyer can take you through the appeal process. The chances of successfully reversing the insurer’s decision by appealing are quite good; although many LTD claims are initially denied, they are often accepted upon appeal.

Finding the Right LTD Lawyer in Toronto


Disability claims are not the same as personal injury claims, but many times disability lawyers work for personal injury law firms, so you can start your search for legal help at firms near you. Look for a law firm that meets your needs. If you are in hospital or confined to your home, find a lawyer who is willing to travel to where you are, for instance. And if you prefer to communicate in a language other than English, look for a law firm that offers services in your mother tongue, or translation services. Most firms offer a free initial consultation.


Disability claims can be a real battle. It’s good to have someone by your side, fighting to get you what you deserve. Contact a long-term disability lawyer in Toronto today and find out more.